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Ronaldo de Souza Santos was born on December 7, 1979, in Vila Velha Espírito Santo, had a troubled childhood marked by violence. He himself declared that he was a bad influence for his friends at that time.

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The crucial point of his story occurred when Jacaré was 15 years old, one day he was with a friend playing pool in a city bar, when they were surprised when a guy appeared putting a gun in his friend's mouth and shooting and killing him on the spot. Jacaré managed to escape and get out of this mess unscathed.

At that moment, his mother, realizing the gravity of the situation and predicting the end that her son would have, decided to hide him for a while in the house of a friend saying in the neighborhood where they lived that Ronaldo had gone to the city of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais. During this period, Dona Antônia, Jacaré's mother, was planning her son's trip to Manaus, where he would live with his brother, thus trying to give another direction in the young boy's life. What she did not imagine is that this story would have this outcome, that her son would become an example within Jiu Jitsu.

Faced with the chaotic situation, Jacaré in December 1995 on his birthday, the 7th, was on his way to the city of Manaus, where his story would change from water to wine.


The beginning in Jiu Jitsu

Ronaldo moved in with his brother Reginaldo and with some sailors with whom his brother shared the house, still aimlessly did not know what life had in store for him. After a while, the brothers had to move house and the new residence was almost in front of a Jiu Jitsu academy, and in that academy Reginaldo started to practice soft art. He tried to insert Jacaré in BJJ, however he did not like the idea of ​​getting tangled up with other men, he thought that martial art was very strange.

Reginaldo trained with professor Henrique Machado, and one day he got injured and was unable to train, so Jacaré, who at the time was around 17 years old, took his brother's gi and decided to start training that art that he was afraid of before. practice. He says that on the first day he took a "leather" from the other practitioners, and with a very competitive spirit he decided to go back and try again, and I take another "car" and since then he never stopped training, every day he improved a little more .

In the second week of training Jacaré decided to focus on Jiu Jitsu, moved to the gym and stayed there from 1997 until 2003, the year he got his black belt.

Ronaldo de Souza received the nickname of Jacaré at that time, because he as he lived in the gym and her symbol was a Jacaré, so the training friends started to call him that. The nickname stuck and today that name shudders his opponents.

The story is that Master Henrique made Jacaré train a lot, that many could not stand this pressure, but Ronaldo remained faithful to his goal, getting stronger and stronger.



His first championship was an internal championship that he was crowned champion, but the first major championship he participated in was a Brazilian when he was still a blue belt, that championship he lost in the final being in second place. As part of Jacaré's personality, he was unmoved and said he would turn around and come back even better.

In 2001 he was already a purple belt, the same year he won his first world championship. In the brown belt he continued to stand out, however he was stopped by what would become his biggest rival named Roger Gracie.


In 2003 he received the long-awaited black belt from his master Henrique Machado. Fighting the 2004 World Cup he faced again his great rival Roger Gracie, the two at the peak of their careers collided with each other in the final to decide who would keep this title so important for Jiu Jitsu fighters.

This fight was the final of the absolute weight category of the 2004 jiu-jitsu World Championship between Jacaré and Roger Gracie, and it is considered one of the best Jiu Jitsu fights of all time. In this fight Jacaré was winning 4 x 0 when the Gracie pupil, Roger fitted a very tight Arm Lock on Jacaré that resisted as long as he can even get rid of that terrible arm lock. However it was visible that he would have injured his arm, apparently it was broken. With a warrior spirit, the fearless Ronaldo De Souza remained firm until the end of the fight where he became champion.


This historic moment brought much recognition to Ronaldo Jacaré. Owner of an offensive game, with a lot of pressure and always looking to finish his opponents.

Roger and Jacaré ran into each other in competitions, Roger Gracie overcame Jacaré in the 2005 European Open, also won him at the ADCC of the same year. And in the 2055 World Cup, the history of 2004 was repeated. Ronaldo Jacaré won the category and faced Roger in the absolute final and again had the title of absolute champion of the world.


Transition to MMA

In 2003, he had already made his MMA debut and made a valid fight for the Jungle Fight event, however the result was not satisfactory and ended up losing by knockout to Jorge Patino Macaco.
Even with many titles and an expressive name in Jiu Jitsu, Jacaré had many difficulties in relation to money, and as he wanted to change his life he invested heavily in MMA Jacaré with excellent performance in MMA debuted in the UFC on May 18, 2013, at event that happened in the city of Jaraguá do Sul here in Santa Catarina. He still continues to make his story and inspire a legion of fans with his courage, determination and determination.

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